A.I. that conducts user interviews for you

Deepform lets you train A.I. to conduct user interviews anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of scheduling or conducting them yourself.

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Automate your insight collection

Gather user insights at 100x the speed and a fraction of the cost of manual interviews, freeing you to do what you're passionate about: analyzing and acting on the data.

Easy Setup
Simply create a Deepform and tell the A.I. your research goal.
Instant Deployment
Send a Deepform link to your users and start conducting automated interviews immediately.
Text and Voice Interviews
Your users can respond to the A.I. in text or voice.
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Make insight driven decisions

After every interview, Deepform presents you the data in a simple, easy to understand format. Make insight driven decisions with confidence.

A.I. Summary
Easily get up to speed on key insights, notable remarks, and trends via A.I. summaries.
Full Transcripts
Review full transcripts of every interview, so you can dig deeper into the data.
Cross Interview Analysis
Uncover trends across 1000s of interviews with ease via A.I. analysis.
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“Research at its core is learning. The more research you do and the faster you learn, the faster your decision-making will be.”

Roberta Dombrowski
VP of User Research at User Interviews

“Once you have more insights on a certain topic and more information about the pros and cons of the options you're facing, there's a higher chance that the whole team knows more and has higher confidence in decision-making.”

Xiangyi Tang
Head of User Research at Pitch

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to the founder, Alan, via live chat (bottom right corner) and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can.

What is Deepform?

Deepform is a software that lets you deploy A.I. that conduct user interviews completely on their own without any human intervention. It's like having a virtual assistant that conducts user interviews for you, anytime, anywhere.

How does Deepform conduct user interviews?

Deepform uses advanced large language model A.I. technology to conduct user interviews. Once you've defined the research goal, the AI engages in a chat conversation with the user, asking relevant questions and collecting responses.

What kind of insights can Deepform provide?

Deepform is designed to provide actionable insights based on the user interviews. The AI doesn't just transcribe the conversation, it analyzes and summarizes the findings, highlighting key points and trends.

How do I share the Deepform?

Once you've created a Deepform, you'll be given a unique link which can be shared with your users via email, social media, or embedded into your website or app (coming soon!). Anyone who clicks the link can participate in the automated user interview.

What measures does Deepform take to ensure data privacy?

At Deepform, we take data privacy very seriously. All user conversations are conducted in a secure environment and we adhere to strict data privacy standards to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Can Deepform handle multiple user interviews at the same time?

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of Deepform is its scalability. The AI can handle multiple user interviews simultaneously, allowing you to gather insights from multiple users at the same time.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use Deepform?

No, Deepform is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise. All you need to do is define the research goal and the AI handles the rest.

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